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#1 W/E 2023/08/06

It’s been a rough week in an already crappy year.

  • The tax office has agreed to allow me to pay my back taxes in installments, but the monthly outgoings will be more than half my take-home pay. This means I’ll have to adjust my expectations for moving to Tokyo, and make some large lifestyle adjustments.
  • I’m somewhat happy about cutting back on expenses and moving to a cheaper place. I’m not looking forward to the work involved in moving but am looking forward to living closer to the boys and to Soujiukai.
  • The apaato I saw today was a 2K for around 5万円/月 all in, which is considerably less than what I pay for my current 4LDK in the middle of town. I’d like to have a bed, a desk to work at, and a squat rack.
  • I’ve been struggling with weight loss for a most of my 30s, and my strategy for defeating it is going to involve getting back on the mat. BJJ is fun and addictive, and I lost weight naturally doing it. Moving close to the dojo should mean I can practice five times per week.
  • I’m feeling anxious about my visa situation. While I seem to have most of the paperwork in order and my lawyer seems to know what he’s doing, it’s just annoying to have to wait on a result from the immigration office. If I can’t get my 定住権 renewed then I can attempt a work visa based on my new job, but that’s definitely a step down.
  • The boys seem to be well and are quite talkative recently. I’ve been seeing a bit more of them than usual, which I’m happy about.
  • My team at my new job are all very intelligent and nice people, which I’m pleasantly surprised about.