Ali's blog

#2 W/E 2023/08/21

  • Skipped a week.
  • I’m feeling a lot more confident about the future. I know I need to move out of the centre of town and closer to my boys, and the more time I spend out here the more sure of that I am. I feel like losing weight, getting back into BJJ and living a quieter life for a few years is what sits between me and a lot of my goals.
  • Nasty temperature and head cold over the past few days has meant I’ve been stuck at home for a bit too long, going somewhat stir crazy.
  • I’m more sure about focusing on some sort of event-related activity that takes what we did with Sendai International Meetups and turns it into some sort of viable business, but including all kinds of venues and spreading all over Japan, eventually. In as much as doing something I’m naturally inclined towards that “doesn’t feel like work” is the most healthy thing to focus on, this is the thing I want to do and try to turn into a business next.
  • Visa application was sent off on Friday, results should be in within a few weeks.
  • First payday is on Friday next, which marks the official end to the unemployed hellscape of 2023. This means I can start paying back debt, pay overdue bills, and get closer to getting back to living some sort of economic life.
  • All in all I’m feeling positive about the future for the first time in a while, like I can get out in front of problems and start building the defensive foundations I’m going to need to achieve my goals. It feels good, for the first time in a while.